Unlocking the Power of Connectivity: How Digital Transformation Can Benefit African Higher Education Institutions – A Feasibility Study

The African higher education sector has immense potential in training the skilled workforce and building the knowledge base required for the countries’ transition to digital economies. However, it faces significant challenges such as falling quality, the mismatch between education and employability, and a lack of access to affordable and functional high-speed internet connectivity.

The World Bank’s Digital Economy for Africa (DE4A) initiative is addressing these challenges through a feasibility study aimed at developing an operational roadmap to connect all African higher education institutions (HEIs) to high-speed internet. In support of the African Union Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030), this initiative aims to digitally enable every African individual, business, and government by 2030.

The study, which has received funding from the Digital Development Partnership (DDP), has achieved three sub-objectives. Firstly, a gap-analysis report addressed the connectivity, ecosystem challenges (policy, regulation, institutions, human capacity, etc.), and funding. Secondly, cost estimates were developed based on different options. Finally, a high-level strategy was developed to leverage campus connectivity to achieve learning outcomes in higher education.

But connectivity alone is not enough. Higher education institutions also require knowledge management consulting, digital transformation consulting, strategic planning consulting, strategic leadership development, data-driven decision-making, competitive advantage optimization, and digital innovation consulting to capitalize on the opportunities presented by digital technologies fully.

By investing in these areas, African higher education institutions can expand teaching, learning, and innovation opportunities, foster relevant digital skills, and ultimately contribute to the countries’ transition to digital economies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Economy for Africa (DE4A) initiative and how it can benefit African higher education institutions, check out the report below. Let us work together to digitally transform the African higher education sector and unlock its full potential!


High level Strategy to Leverage Campus Connectivity to Improve Learning Outcomes_Final-Report