Somalia Strives for Digital Inclusion: New Study Unveils Challenges and Opportunities

Despite laudable success in increasing penetration of access to digital opportunities in developing countries in Africa, digital exclusion remains the big rotting elephant in the room. In this article, we explore the current state of digital inclusion in Somalia and highlight steps required to address it – drawing insights from a recent study we carried […]

Unlocking the Power of Connectivity: How Digital Transformation Can Benefit African Higher Education Institutions – A Feasibility Study

The African higher education sector has immense potential in training the skilled workforce and building the knowledge base required for the countries’ transition to digital economies. However, it faces significant challenges such as falling quality, the mismatch between education and employability, and a lack of access to affordable and functional high-speed internet connectivity. The World […]

Breaking the Final Connectivity Barriers for Higher Education Institutions in Africa: The Next Steps and A Call to Action

During the late 90s, a growing wave of action started among African universities and research institutions, focusing on the need for global connectivity to provide access to especially journal databases and other online resources. Alongside this was the general continental move towards liberalization of the telecommunications sector to introduce more competition and reach more people. […]