Innovation through research

We bring strategic leadership and digital agendas together to improve your organisation and result in higher performance. Whether we lead the entire project or contribute to just a piece of it, our team knows how to collaborate with yours.

Strategic Leadership

As the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution creates an ever-changing environment, Organisations that will survive the unprecedented impact of ICT will be those that anticipate, understand and harness increasingly sophisticated consumer needs, wants and expectations to offer convenient value propositions "ahead of the pack."

Digital Agendas

We work normally work at the critical but ambiguous intersection of ICT and development, where organisations require practical solutions that increase developmental impact while reducing the adverse effect of inherent resource constraints. Our broad experience with a variety of projects and the ability to work with teams from different disciplines promotes a culture of interchange that results in a creative environment


We are fortunate to work with leading organisations, which rely on us to help them solve great challenges.


Identifying customer needs and promising innovations to increase the adoption of digital financial services.


Developing a digital inventory and map of ICT infrastructure as well as communication services available across the country.


Supporting Gambia to sustain-ably use its connections to the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) international submarine cable and landing station.

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