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We have a big agenda, founded on practical knowledge and expertise in formulating holistic innovative solutions addressing the challenging intersection between people and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially with the rapidly evolving technological opportunities and challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. Our expertise specifically targets communities, organisations, countries and regional economic groupings in the developing economy context and is informed by years of professional experience and practical knowledge in management, leadership, and technology.

We bring strategic leadership and digital agendas together to improve your organisation and result in higher performance. Whether we lead the entire project or contribute to just a piece of it, our team knows how to collaborate with yours.


Strategic Leadership

As the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution creates an ever-changing environment, Organisations that will survive the unprecedented impact of ICT will be those that anticipate, understand and harness increasingly sophisticated consumer needs, wants and expectations to offer convenient value propositions "ahead of the pack."

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Digital Agendas

We work normally work at the critical but ambiguous intersection of ICT and development, where organisations require practical solutions that increase developmental impact while reducing the adverse effect of inherent resource constraints. Our broad experience with a variety of projects and the ability to work with teams from different disciplines promotes a culture of interchange that results in a creative environment

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Why work with KCL?

KCL has its foundation among experts who have more than 25 years of experience in not only Uganda, but throughout Africa and other developing regions. We create a convergence of two categories of leaders: one category being those from a technology practice and consulting background who have for long focused on creating national or organisational competitiveness through the exploitation of ICT, which requires that one must have deep insights into what creates excellence in enterprises; and the other category being those from a management practice and consulting background, who have focused on creating organisational competitiveness from a strategic management and leadership approach, which requires one to understand the opportunities and challenges of megatrends, especially ICT. Our Team has a common unique aspect: they combine strong academic backgrounds with solid experience as practitioners in both small and major (national and regional) enterprises, which enables them to relate theory to personal organisational experience as well as research. We have lived the African experience, researched the local and regional environments, and practised nationally and internationally.

Diverse Talent

A talented team with diverse experience, knowledge and practice in the engineering, computer science and information systems that enables us to draw on a wide range of methods, processes and tools.

Practical Experience

Extensive knowledge, experience as well as dissemination of evidence-based best and worst practices in organisational leadership

Tailored Solutions

After sustained engagement with our clients, we design and deliver custom interventions that respond to the unique needs of each client to successfully support them manage their change process.

Flexible Approach

Our approach is personal and professional. We prefer to work with small groups (no more than 15 participants at a time) for greatest impact. We can schedule interventions and deliver them over an agreed period of time, using a variety of methods and locations including the client’s premises.