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Leadership Development

From Strategic Management to Strategic Leadership

As the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution creates an ever-changing environment, Organisations that will survive the unprecedented impact of ICT will be those that anticipate, understand and harness increasingly sophisticated consumer needs, wants and expectations to offer convenient value propositions "ahead of the pack."

What we do

Leadership Coaching

Support leaders to build capacities that help them achieve extraordinary results in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment compounded by competing priorities and viewpoints.

Team Alignment

Support leadership sub teams to effect synchronised organisational change while understanding that organisational change starts, and is more difficult, at the top.

Transform Organisational Culture

Guide organisational transformation to innovative sub-cultures embodied in different generations of professionals to enable successful achievement of shared goals

The Justification

We recognise that while ‘a lot of water has flowed under the bridge of organisational development’, much of the effort has focused on building managerial capacities, and are concerned that not enough investment has been made in developing the critical leadership competences. This challenge cuts across all organisations regardless of sector, size, type or ownership of the business.


Invest in Leadership Development

The one single critical success factor that will account for competitive organisational behaviour is innovative team (shared) leadership!

Meet our Team

Our leadership development team is made up of remarkable individuals who are experts in strategy, design, and development as well as people passionate about education, business and finance.


Andrew Kigumba Muguluma

Andrew is an Executive Business and Leadership Coach who helps individuals and teams identify the road blocks holding them back from their true potential through the process of goal setting, self-discovery and goal achieving. He has worked with both Profit and Non-profit organisations, focusing on improving their business competitiveness and growth, while emphasising good corporate governance, by promoting leadership growth and mentorship especially with volunteers and donors

With over fifteen years' experience in training, mentoring and public speaking, Andrew supports individuals to develop their leadership skills allowing them to perform more effectively while at the same time helping their teams excel, leading to maximum results and motivation. He has supported individuals from wide ranging fields to harness their plans for success, amidst a fast growing and demanding economic atmosphere both in Uganda and across the East African region.


Harriet Bampeera Obbo

Harriet has over twenty years of professional experience working in and later consulting for government and non-governmental organisations (local and international) as well as the private sector. She has been involved in programme and project design, management, coordination and supervision; feasibility studies; and human resources as well as organisational development consulting. Her assignments have included day-to-day management of organisations with respect to human resources, and finances; implementing organisational policy and development of new strategies for increased effectiveness and competitiveness; and ensuring effective running of the affairs of the organisations.She has also consulted with several organisations to improve team performance through leadership development.


Grace Musoke Lwanga

Grace has over thirty seven years’ experience in institutional and project leadership, and consulting. Prior to devoting his time to fulltime consultancy and advisory services in 2000, Grace had served for 13 years with the Arusha-based Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI) rising from Division Director to Deputy Director General, primarily responsible for planning, implementation and accounting for the three main programme areas of the Institute’s core operations namely management training/development, consultancy and research. He was instrumental in the establishment of Uganda's Private Sector Foundation (now PSFU), when he served as the first Project Coordinator (1996-98).


FF "Tusu" Tusubira

Tusu has over twenty-five years of high-level leadership and consultancy experience, and has served in the governance levels of key regional and international organisations including the Development Learning Network (World Bank), the Research and Education Network of South Africa; Public Universities (Mbarara and Busitema); Uganda Communications Commission, Electricity Regulatory Authority; and National Information Technology Authority (Chairman). He is deeply involved in organisational and leadership development through training and practice; and is a current Regional Vice-Chair of the Rotary Leadership Institute, covering Eastern and Central Africa.